Penguin PickUp

Yes, a pickup but not like a Cybertruck or Ford F-150. This is a last mile delivery “truck” that would make a lot of sense in big cities. See the Sandy Munro interview for more details.

The system combines a beefy electric bike combined with a trailer but it gets better. The trailer has removable cargo boxes and a load/unload system. The idea is that the boxes can be pre-filled such that you can just slide (the box has casters) the full box onto the trailer, do the deliveries and then return for the next full box.

While the box is fairly large, it along with the full system is small enough to travel between lanes of traffic and park on sidewalks. That makes it about as flexible as a motorcycle with a box on the back as far as where it can go but with a much larger cargo capacity. It’s not going to work in the middle of Seattle or San Francisco but should be very useful in a flatter place such as Los Angeles or Guatemala City.

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