Gogoro Battery Swap Network

Gogoro is in the battery swap business for scooters. They started out in Taiwan and I have had people tell me about all the electric scooters they have seen in Taiwan so clearly their idea works.

Well, they have been expanding.  While they have been in other places in Asia they are now in India. They also have their own line of scooters.

What they have done is worked with local fuel stations and convenience stores to install their “dispenser system”. Basically, it is a battery charger system that allows you to exchange a discharged battery for a charged one. Totally self-serve. As well as being useful for individuals, it makes sense for motorcycle-based delivery services such as Uber Eats.

I think it makes a lot of sense and could see it expanding into the West including Central America where all so much home delivery is done on motorcycles.

More info at Gogoro.com

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