Electric Kick Scooters

A kick scooter is another alternative to an electric car, motorcycle or bicycle that is relatively inexpensive and very inexpensive to operate. Some units are foldable making them easier to transport. But, they are clearly not for everyone. Here are some thought about them.

  • Their weight will be related to battery capacity. A unit with a fair-sized battery could weigh 20 kg — not something you want to walk around with for very long
  • Some have removable seats
  • The power may be as low at 150 watts — likely too low for very much travel
  • Good brakes are important but you will probably not find them on low-priced units
  • Prices vary all over the map — from less than $300 to $2000 and more

Personally, I find a bicycle as a better choice for me but your life may work better with a scooter. If you are considering one, here are some things to look for:

  • Good brakes — that generally means disc brakes
  • Enough power to travel at the speed you want and go up any hills on your route
  • A big enough battery to make traveling the distance you want possible
  • If you don’t need something foldable, don’t get it. It will likely add weight and reduce structural integrity
  • Charge time

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