MG Cyberster

One of the most fun to drive cars I have even driven was a Mazda Miata. I was on a business trip and had requested a small car at the rental place. As is common I was told they didn’t have any but I could have a full-sized Ford for only 20% more. Sorry but I did not want to manage a huge car on the Los Angeles streets. They came up with the Miata. Other than the trunk was so small that my carry-on bag wouldn’t fit in it, it was just a blast to drive. I have seen Miatas converted to electric and thought about how much fun it would be to have one.

Well, MG just introduced the Cyberster, a real sports car that could beat the pants off the Miata and probably any other sports car out there. The Electric Viking tells you the story. While I am past my fast sports car days, it certainly would be a great rental alternative to a full-sized Ford.

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