Comparing an Aptera to a Tesla

Aptera has a “status video” each month. Here is the video for Aptera which is what got me thinking about the comparison. Before you think I have gone crazy because an Aptera seems totally unlike a Tesla, watch the video. It is mainly of an Aptera employee talking to the General Manager of the factory in Italy that is making the “castings”.

OK, castings, now maybe you get it. But, the Aptera is made of carbon fiber. But, in the video they talk about how the cast carbon fiber pieces reduce the parts count just like the gigacastings in a Tesla. Different material but with a common advantage.

There are at least two of us, Sandy Munro and myself, who really appreciate this. OK, probably Elon Musk, the inventor of “the best part is no part” probably appreciates this too. If I lived in the US I would have already ordered an Aptera.

Check out their web site and see what you think.

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