What’s a Frunk?

The EV era has brought us a new word, frunk. What it means is “front trunk”. Lots of EVs have space in the front of the car for storage because there is no engine there. This is not true for all EVs but it is the case for many including all Teslas. With many EVs being crossovers, hatchbacks or SUVs it is really useful as it gives you storage that is not visible from the outside of the car.

Note that I said “new word”, not new concept. I owned both a 1967 and 1971 VW Squareback. Like all air cooled VWs, the engine is located in the back. The squareback was pretty much what we might call a hatchback or crossover today as there was space above the engine. In the other end of the car there was a “frunk” even though the word had not been coined until after squarebacks (or any air cooled VWs) were still being manufactured.

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