Greenline Hybrid Yachts

I have never been a power boat fan. I have never owned any boat but have been on quite a few smaller sailboats. What I appreciated most was the sense of freedom you get — traveling for free with the only noise being the wind passing over the sails. I was looking for something else and tripped on Greenline hybrid yachts. It’s an interesting idea.

Basically, you have a traditional power boat with an electric motor added and lots of batteries. While you have all the disadvantages of a diesel-powered boat most of the time, you can have a noise-free travel time where you are just under electric power. It also means you could be at anchor for a substantial time running all the equipment off of battery power instead of having to run a diesel generator for power.

It’s not a cure-all (much like a hybrid car) but it is pretty interesting. You can find out more on the Greenline web site.

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