Who’s the Fastest Growing EV Maker?

Tesla? Nope. BYD? Nope. It’s Geely.

Never heard of them? Heard of Zeekr? Volvo? Polestar? There are more brands as well.

Sales are up 46% this year over last year. While their volume isn’t up there with BYD yet, it could change rapidly. They already have a huge world-wide dealer network, thanks to Volvo.

If you look at market share for April 2024 in China BYD is clearly in the lead at 37.5% but half of that are hybrids. Geely is number two with 7.3%. A big difference but that’s just China.

Globally, they have 7.4% market share for quarter one of 2024, behind Tesla (19%) and BYD (14.8%). Their market share is up from 5.7% a year earlier where Tesla’s has decreased and BYD has pretty much remained the same.

For more about see The Electric Viking .

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