Interesting Plugin Hybrid Pickup

The Electric Viking just posted a video about the Changan Hunter pickup and included an apology for a posting about a hybrid. As Sam is about as anti-hybrid as I am, I was surprised enough to watch the video. Now I understand why he did it.

Most plug-in hybrids are a joke on the electric side. Their electric range is all too close to zero. That is, they are built as a compliance car but the electric range is not much more than enough to get them out of your garage. This vehicle has way over 100 km of range on battery only. For most people that would mean not having to use the ICE power for all your typical driving.

I’m still not excited about it if for no other reason than adding the additional ICE hardware making the vehicle heavier and much more complicated than an EV only vehicle. But, I can think of use cases. It may well be worth considering for some. For me, I hope they offer an EV-only version in the future.


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