An Electric Mazda Miata in 2026?

Japanese auto makers are losing market share everywhere. All of them. Their biggest loses are in China but as EVs gain market share everywhere, they are losing market share because they don’t have any compelling EVs.

Giants such as Toyota are not doing well but their market inertia will keep them alive for a while. Smaller players have less time and Mazda is one of those players. A year ago they were saying that ICE cars will keep them in the market but their song has changed. They finally see the writing on the wall. They are now saying they need to introduce new electric models one at a time and, apparently then have decided the Miata should be their first real EV.

For me, that’s good news. The Miata is a really fun car to drive and, so far, there isn’t any EV equivalents. They are projecting 2026 as when they can get an electric Miata into the market. I hope that is soon enough.  The Electric Viking has a good video about it.

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