Advancing Battery Technology

The regular doom and gloom message about batteries is that we don’t have enough lithium. Or cobalt. Or … Based on the currently very popular lithium ion ternary battery technology that is true. But, battery technology is rapidly advancing. Just in the past few years many auto manufacturers have been converting from lithium ternary batteries to lithium iron phosphate. Next appears to be sodium batteries.

I searched for a good presentation or video on this advancing technology but mostly found pretty bad content. My favorite was where CATL was pronounced cattle and had built-in subtitles that included that misspelling. So, I was disappointed.

I will continue to shop for a good technical presentation but, in the mean time, this video offers 20 technologies that are under development. I didn’t hear one that sounded like the be-all, end-all answer but it wasn’t that long ago that lithium ion batteries didn’t seem like they would advance to where they are today. Stay tuned.

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