Cars That Don’t Get Stolen

I’m sure your first thought is old, beat up cars don’t get stolen. That’s true. For example, I bought an old ’71 VW Microbus in the 1990s and was parking it on the street is a less than wonderful neighborhood in Seattle. I didn’t lock the doors. The first time I parked it overnight the contents of the glove box was on the car floor in the morning. After that, the problem never happened again.

But, maybe you don’t want an old beater. Well, there are significant differences in which cars get broken into/stolen and it is not based on the value of the car. It is based on what kind of security system is in the car. Teslas and Volvos top the “less likely to get stolen” list with Hyundais and Kias on the other end of the list. This is because of how effective the security system is.

The Electric Viking explores this. In particular, he talks about Tesla’s “sentry mode” and why it is effective. He suggests that other car vendors consider adding a similar system. This idea is not EV specific as all modern cars have the infrastructure to add something like this.

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