EV Sales in the US Crossed the 5% Mark

No, I am not talking about California. That has happened in all but one state. Which state you ask? Ohio which is at 4%

Bloomberg NEF estimates that EV sales will hit 23% in 2025 and over 50% by 2030..

In the past battery production has been the limiting factor but with all the new US-based battery production currently under construction, that is not going to present a limit.

What is the limiting factor for US adoption? Price. But, EV prices continue to drop and as EV sales percentage increases and EVs will become cheaper than ICE cars. So far, most EV sales in the US have been relatively big vehicles — because that is what is available. But as smaller EVs become available the sales numbers will further increase.

The Electric Viking will tell you more.

I would like to encourage you to tell us what type of EV you would be interested in purchasing in the comments below.

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