The BYD Seagull Again

The more I hear about the BYD Seagull the more I want one. Initially I thought it was too small but each review I see makes it sound like a really practical car. The only thing that is really missing from the reviews is what the price will be outside of China.

In this review the enthusiasm of the reviewer certainly gets your attention. While he certainly has reviewed many cars he seems to have fallen in love with the Seagull.

For you, think about your use case. It clearly will meet the needs of most people with a couple of children as a “city car”. Drive it to work, to school, to the grocery store, … but it seems capable of meeting your needs for an occasional trip as well. While I have not driven it I continue to be surprised by what it offers. A VW bug was my real first car (after an inherited ’55 Chevy). Let’s do a few comparisons.

  • Length: VW  – 4.08m, Seagull – 3.78m
  • Width: VW – 1.54m, Seagull – 1.715m
  • Height: VW: 1.55m, Seagull – 1.54,
  • Wheelbase: VW – 2.4m, Seagull – 2.5m
  • Doors: VW – 2, Seagull – 4
  • Backseat: VW – sucks, Seagull – good
  • Noise: VW — like a gas lawnmower, Seagull – quiet

I could go on but you get the idea. A VW bug was a viable driving option for a long time that really changed what could be done with a sub-compact car. Over 80 years later the Seagull could do that again.


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Seagi;; specs are from

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