BYD’s New Yuan UP

BYD just introduced a new car, the Yuan UP. They got 20,000 orders on the first day. The Electric Viking thinks this is “the car” that will take over the small EV market.

It’s a small SUV, between the size of the Dolphin and Atto 3 selling for $13,000 in China. While I, personally, am not excited by it, Sam is. He sees it/a car like this as being the entry point into EVs for most saying that, for example, the Seagull is not what will take over the EV market.

He may be right. While I was a VW bug early adopter (early in my life — not early in the life of the bug as I am not 100 years old) it does seem that most people want something a bit bigger. If nothing else, I think he is right that it will help form the low-priced real EV market. Clearly it will not be $13,000 in the markets outside of China but it is likely will be real competition for the coming Tesla Redwood.

The real EV price war has started.

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