Car Companies Don’t Like EVs

We know most car companies don’t like EVs because they can’t sell them at a profit. The exceptions are, of course, Tesla and BYD. But, there is more.

Car companies want cars to wear out so you will come back and buy another one. And their dealers want you to get your oil changed, the engines tuned up and all the ongoing maintenance that keeps them making money.

The bad news for manufacturers and dealers is that EVs require a lot less maintenance. It’s logical. There are many fewer moving parts so there is less to wear out. Regenerative breaking recovers energy and stores it back into the battery reducing wear and tear on brakes. Finally, the cost of batteries continues to drop along with their lifespan growing by hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Improvements in ICE drivetrains are pretty much gone. For example, the life of an internal combustion engine has mostly increased because of better oils. Automatic transmissions have grown more efficient but their life has pretty much stabilized. But, EVs use newer technologies that continue to improve.

For most people, the reason they don’t buy an EV is a higher initial cost but even that is going away. Today, some EVs are at price parity with ICE vehicles.

The Electric Viking has more to say about this.

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