I have read a lot of reviews of the MG4 but never put any information up here — in an article or in the Vehicles table. My excuse is that there have only been reviews in Europe and the UK and I was waiting for one in the West.

All the reviews I have read have been very positive. The general package, the handling and even the price. It sounds like an excellent choice — if it ever makes in to the Western Hemisphere.

It is a small hatchback — similar in size to a VW ID.3 or BYD Dolphin. Like virtually everything else (including the VW ID.3) it is made in China. But, it costs less than either one or other cars in the same class such as the Ora GoodCat.

The low-end version comes with LFP batteries — a plus in my book — but the higher spec ones have lithium ternary batteries. All the reviews I have read said it offers excellent handling. The reviews of the interior have been between not bad to nice.

The best (and most recent) review I have read is in Driving Electric and, like the others, is very positive.


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