The Vehicles Menu Item

You may have noticed the Vehicles item added to the top menu. It’s a work in progress. As I realized it always will be, I decided to “turn it on”. Consider it the beginning of a list of all the EVs out there.

I say beginning because there are hundreds to add and even getting the basic information for the table is a lot of work. It is not intended to be the “know all” of EVs.

The Link field will become the most important. It will offer a link to a decent article about a particular vehicle. Some of those links will be to articles on this site. Others will be to on-line articles or videos about the vehicle. This is harder than you might think because so much on-line information is “marketing”. For example, if an article is a review of a particular vehicle by a magazine with advertising, they tend to be less interested in telling you a new car sucks. This is nothing new in the media industry but I want to offer you something better.

Take a look. Feedback ( is welcome. Also, if you see an objective review of a vehicle, let me know about that too.

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