What Does It Really Cost to Drive an EV?

I have recently seen a lot of posts about the “high cost” of EV ownership. That, along with the EVs are less reliable than ICE cars” FUD made me want to write a rebuttal. But, there are just so many variables.

For example, you can buy the wrong EV and have a bad experience. So, I decided rather than trying to do a point-by-point rebuttal, I decided a good example would be more enlightening. So, I looked for something realistic. What I found was a guy who bought a Tesla Model 3 five years ago and has but 120,000 miles on it. He compares his actual experience (including adding a way to charge it at home) with the average cost of a somewhat comparable Toyota. The one thing I think he missed was the value of the Model 3 vs. the Toyota on the used car market. But, it is enough time and mileage to offer some decent numbers. And, today, the cost of the Tesla is lower than when he bought it.

Anyway, here is his comparison

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