What Does It Cost To Charge Your EV?

Everywhere you look you will see people saying “fueling your EV will cost less than your ICE car”. That is certainly true but how about some real numbers? OK, here we go.

First, you need to know how much energy your EV uses per kilometer traveled. It will depend on what you drive, where you drive and how you drive but there are some decent estimates available. Check out EV database for some reasonable numbers. (It is also worth looking at the site just to see which cars are the most efficient. No, it won’t be the smallest.) From that page the average is 196 watt hours per kilometer.

How far do you drive? In the US the average is about 50 kilometers per day. Plug in your own travel distance here but let’s use 50 km for the example.

Finally, you need to know what your electricity costs. Check your electric bill. Mine is about $.15 per kilowatt hour. If you live where there are reduced rates for off-prime time (typically from around 10PM to 6AM) you may get a much better rate for charging. Some EVs can be programmed to charge at a particular time but, worst case, you can just plug it in to charge before you go to bed.

Continuing with my example, charging would cost me .196*50*.15 or $1.47 per day. Even if your “other car” is a motorcycle, that is likely less than gasoline.

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