What is with the new A42.com?

To be honest, A42 has stagnated. The content got old and, in many ways, disorganized. While information on electric vehicles was being posted on a sub-site, it became clear that the best thing to do was focus on that content and scrap the other subjects.

Along the way we realized there is more to the picture than just electric vehicles. For example, people ask about the capabilities of the electric grid, mining of materials for batteries, producing your own energy and so much more. So, that is where we are going here.

Articles will be posted in categories to make them easy to find. Besides articles, we have forums where you can ask questions (and, hopefully contribute to answering them). Working together we can learn from each other and make this site a serious resource for the electric world in our future. For those who don’t see electricity as the answer to everything, we welcome your input. Electricity isn’t the answer for everything — but let’s try to get the facts and make realistic decisions.

2 thoughts on “What is with the new A42.com?

  1. OK, not everything is working right. If this was my first website I might be surprised but it isn’t and I am not.
    Current issues include layout and category links. Nothing fatal but it took getting some content up here to find the problems.
    I/we will be working on the issues. If you find something else, please let us know.

  2. Categories are fixed and a new layout template seems to have fixed the layout issues.
    Notifications seem to be broken, adding forums isn’t working right.
    I am taking a “sanity day” and will then get back at it.

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