Can EVs be remotely turned off?

I regularly see people saying the government can turn off your EV:

  • Because you have a bad social credit score
  • You have used up your travel distance for the day, week or month
  • You voted for the wrong person

While this could be done, it has nothing to do with the vehicle being an EV. “Modern” cars are full of electronics and the same control system could be added to any car. If this is your concern, go find a good 1960s Chevy or, better yet, a 1970s Mercedes 220D diesel where there is no electrical functions necessary at all once you start the car. Even the fuel valve is mechanical.

This is politics. Ten years ago it is alleged that journalist Michael Hastings was killed when his (non-electric) car was remotely taken over. While this wasn’t a case of the car being disabled it really is the same issue — can your car be remotely controlled.

It’s a real issue but not one for just electric cars.

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