What EV would I buy today?

Let me say that I don’t need an EV. I have a small, reliable car. I have had it for about 18 months and have driven it under 3000 km. The last time I drove it was about five months ago. 99% of my trips are walking, on my electric bicycle or on the bus. But, I think it would be cool to have one. Back in the 1990s I had a VW Rabbit I had converted to electric and that was cool.

All that said, I would buy one if something reasonable was available. More vehicles that make sense to me (and for me) are appearing on the market. Here are the ones in that category.

  • Ever since the BYD Dolphin was released in China I have been a fan. It would still be my first choice from those that are likely to become available here within the next year.
  • A newcomer that looks really good is the MG4 (Mulan). All of the reviews have been very positive.
  • I would settle for a smaller car (such as the Wulan Hongguang Mini EV, Ora GoodCat and such if they ever make it to the world market.
  • BYD has just introduced the Seagull, smaller than the Dolphin but it would meet my requirements. If it becomes available.
  • Finally, Tesla’s not yet announced $25k vehicle (Model 2, Model A, ???) would be on my list if it hits the market.

The one thing I really want is Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They can be fully discharged/charged without damage, last many more cycles than Lithium ternary batteries and they don’t catch fire. All current BYD cars have them, the low-end Teslas as well and the low-end MG model.

Note that this post is how I feel today but more and more vehicles are appearing each month.

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