EV Range Scales

There are multiple range scales for EVs. Let’s try to sort out what they mean.

  • EPA — This is a range rating scale from the U.S. Environmental Agency
  • WLTP — Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure
  • NEDC — New European Driving Cycle
  • CLTC — China Light Duty Vehicle Test Cycle
    The EPA rating is commonly used in the U.S. and fairly accurately reflects the actual range you will achieve with your electric vehicle. WLTP is typically used in Europe and, like the EPA, if fairly accurate.

NEDC and CLTC tend to be very “generous”. That is, they tend to indicate a much greater range than you will actually attain in real world use of the vehicle. NEDC is an old standard pretty much replaced by the WLTP.

CLTC is a new standard but that doesn’t make it accurate. In general, it tends to be 15% to 25% more generous that actual driving experience.

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