EVs vs. ICE

There are many EV vs. ICE arguments presented on the Internet. I picked one by the  Brown Car Guy  as an example. I disagree with most of what he has to say/the study he is using but I think it is a good example of the disagreement being presented. By good example, I mean it is thoughtful rather than total FUD.

Some points that are made in the study seems out of line are:

  • Lithium is lighter than other metals you could use in a battery. It is lighter but what matters is the number of electrons that can be involved in a charge/discharge cycle.
  • EV batteries can’t be recycled. This is not true and many companies are now doing this. Clearly, an EV battery is a much “richer” source of Lithium and other components than a mine. The suggestion that battery materials can only be recycled three times is absurd.
  • Cobalt and rate earths are an issue. Well, if they are used. LFP batteries don’t use Cobalt. Tesla vehicles are now free of rare earths.
  • Vehicle life. EVs and EV batteries will last longer in terms of distance traveled than an ICE car. Now, if you only drive 1000 km/year, don’t bother with an EV.
  • EVs are more energy efficient but … . Even if you are charging you EV with grid energy that comes from coal you use less energy and, hopefully, that coal power plant isn’t in the middle of a city.
  • EV charging take much more time than filling an ICE car. Well, not really. This is continually changing.

There is more. When I was a kid there was a book that might help. It is still available.


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