Tesla Model Y Most Popular Car

Tesla Model Y sales for the first quarter of 2023 are more than any other vehicle. Note that I said “vehicle”, not “electric vehicle”. Specifically, Model Y sales were over 267,000 cars. For comparison, the Toyota Corolla sold 256,000 during the same quarter.

At this point is seems that the model Y will end 2023 being number one in auto sales with sales of over one million cars. World car sales are around 67 million vehicles per year. If numbers don’t change one model of car, which happens to be electric, will amount to about 1.5% or all car sales in the world.

World car sales vary significantly from country to country and, in the US, from state to state. Norway has the highest percentage of electric cars — many of which were hybrids but that percentage is dropping. In the US, California is number one state in EV sales, accounting for over 40% of all EV sales in the US.

The trend is worth looking at. Clearly, it is growing quickly.

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