The Nissan Sakura, For Example

I just learned about this car (check out the Vehicles tab to find a review). Nissan has elected to sell this only, so far, in Japan. It’s an under $16,000 small car. I am guessing less than four meters in length.

That said, the reviewer really liked the car. Nicely done, comfortable and nice to drive. While it is clearly capable of highway speeds it is intended as a city car. It can comfortably seat four adults. Not much luggage space but the back seats fold down to give you a 2-adult car with a lot of space. For the typical “take the kids to school, go grocery shopping, back home, pick up the kids” kind of day it seems perfect. At a price you can afford.

There are lots of cars like this built in China with, generally, lower prices. But lots of people would probably rather buy a Nissan than an unknown Chinese brand. It doesn’t compete with Tesla’s future Model 2 which Tesla says will not be sold in the US market anyway. Wouldn’t a car like this sell in the US market? And the Latin American market?

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