The Winners Are Tesla, BYD, GAC

Are EV sales down? In general, no but you don’t see legacy auto makers taking over the market. EV sales are up even though all car sales are down from pre-Covid levels.

The best selling EV in the world is the Tesla Model Y which will probably be the best selling car overall. The top EV sales are dominated by Tesla, BYD, and GAC.

The Electric Viking goes into the details for both September 2023 and the first three quarters of 2023. Projections are that the October numbers will be even higher.

Tesla’s results don’t surprise me but sales of BYD’s new Seagull do surprise me. It has only been on the market for about five months and is only sold in China but sales are about 135,000 which is slightly more than the BYD Dolphin which is sold in many other countries and has been available all year. While the Seagull is small it is a very capable car with a low price tag. If it becomes available outside of China it could end up selling better than most if not all other EVs.

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