Useful EV Information vs. “Marketing”

In my post about the Vehicles page I mentioned that it was hard to find real information about many vehicles because most information was just “marketing”. Sure, we expect this on vendor sites but all too much of the information available on-line is from sources that rely on advertising. Thus, a review is more likely to puff up a product rather than tell you about the reality.

It’s actually worse than this. For example, in the Vehicles page I have a column for the length of a vehicle. I considered this an easy way to give you an idea of the relative size of a vehicle. But, even specification pages from manufacturers may not contain this information. Yes, I will continue to fill out the Vehicles page but it is a long, slow process.

On this subject, The Electric Viking pretty much went over when Stellantis just said about their new STLA EV platform. It’s pretty obvious he does not have advertisers. He offers a lot of clues as to how to “decode” a marketing pitch. Check it out at The Electric Viking.

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