5 Newcomers Drive a Tesla

Have you ever driven an EV? For most people the answer is no. (I have but it was an old VW Rabbit I converted to electric in the 1990s. Clearly not the same as what you can buy today.)

Do you remember the first time you drove a car? The first time you drove a car with an automatic transmission? Clearly these were all something different. You needed to “adjust”. Well, this video will probably help you get the EV feeling.

In the video, five different people drive a Tesla Model Y. What makes in particularly interesting is that each person has an issue with the Model Y but not the same issue. It varies from the woman who just didn’t like the fact that the car would stop automatically thanks to one pedal driving to the guy who didn’t like that the car didn’t make a lot of noise. It’s a good video to watch to prepare you for your first EV test drive.

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