MG Proves the EV Price War is Upon Us

There are 91 EV makers in China. The prices of EV batteries has dropped a lot and battery manufacturers such as CATL and BYD say more significant drops are on the way. This means that EV prices have to drop. First in China but then in much of the rest of the world.

The Electric Viking talks about how these price drops have hit Australia for both the MG4 and MG ZS. He is talking about A$10,000 price drops for cars that were already pretty competative.

I just checked the prices here in Guatemala plus Mexico and they are still high but I will continue to watch. I would be surprised if we don’t see similar price drops here before the end of the year.

I remember being excited by both the specifications and reviews of the MG4. I remember not being impressed with the ZS EV but forgot who so I went back and read some reviews. Now I remember — it is a gas car converted to electric and MGs first try at an electric. Not fun to drive (as opposed to virtually everyone saying the MG4 is fun to drive) was, to me, the most important negative comment.

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