Will the BYD Dolphin Outsell the Toyota Corolla?

Sam Evans (The Electric Viking) suggests it will. The first (and obvious) reason is that it is an EV and the Corolla is not. For most of the world, EV sales are seriously taking off. The most significant slow adopter is the U.S.

If you are into Dr. Who you will know the Tardis appears bigger inside than outside. You something similar comparing the Corolla to the Dolphin. It is always the case that a true EV (that is, an electric vehicle built on a platform specifically designed for electric vehicles) will have much more inside space for a given outside space than an ICE car. If you are more concerned with what you can fit into your car rather than having a car physically bigger on the outside than your neighbor, EVs are the way to go.

I hope Sam is right. And I hope BYD gets the Dolphin into Guatemala soon.

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